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As an artist focusing primarily in realistic watercolor still-life paintings, I've always appreciated the visually stimulating details that combining the objects of every day, with the uncommonly beautiful aspects of nature, presents.

Watercolor is my chosen medium for it's clean and brilliant attributes, but the results I achieve as I work through the challenges of watercolor with it's unforgiving temperament are what impassions me. Each painting I create pushes my abilities to their limit, forcing me to stay ahead of complacency and discovering new techniques, while enjoying every breathtaking minute. I thrive on accomplishing the level of detail I can coax from the medium, while still allowing the painterly effects to shine through. Detail is my specialty, and I find still life arrangements of flowers, tapestries and reflective surfaces offer an abundance of gorgeous textures to translate into my own unique watercolor signature.

Prize Award for Late Summer Peaches NHAA 28th Omer T. Lassonde Open Juried Exhibit

Cream and Silver

Antique Silver
Original watercolor - 18"x27"

Lilac Spring
Original watercolor - 18"x22"

Black Tulips
Original watercolor - 17"x23"

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