Guest post by Julie Morris

How You Can Turn Your Holiday Wish List into a Self-Improvement Blueprint




It’s not a coincidence that the biggest gift-getting season of the year comes right before New Year’s. This is the universe telling you that your holiday wish list should be filled with things to help you kickstart a new you this new year. If you want to tailor your wish list to net items and services that can be used for self-improvement, here’s where to begin.

Think about asking for something that gives you more free time

The more free time you have, the more time you have to focus on self-improvement. If you’re swamped with work, family, and other obligations, then it’s really hard to take time to take care of you - diet, exercise, meditation, mindfulness, etc.

Consider asking for a subscription to a meal kit delivery service. There are tons of options available, all of which deliver fresh ingredients (often pre-portioned) that are ready to hit your skillet. If you take away the pain of recipe hunting and grocery shopping, cooking can take little to no time at all. Cooking at home helps keeps you healthy, and these food delivery services are a true time-saver.

Focus on your sleep

If there were a wellness pyramid, sleep would likely rest near the top. That’s because good sleep can trickle down and positively affect almost every other aspect of your life. For a better you, focus on getting better sleep. One item to add to your wish list should be a smart alarm clock. There are various types of these devices, but most use some sort of tech that wakes you via light, pleasant sound, and based on your natural sleep rhythms. Also good ideas: a sensor-less sleep monitor, quality sleep earbuds, and a sleep mask. Check out more cool gadgets to boost your sleep quality here.

Ask for a little bit of mindfulness

What is mindfulness, you may ask? Mindfulness, simply put, is the state of being mindful of your present. You could call it living in the moment. You become aware of you, your own thoughts, and by this process the world around you. There’s no time to regret the past or worry about the future when you live a present-focused life. Sounds nice, right? Well, practicing mindfulness can be your ticket to better overall mental health.

One easy gift idea that could help you out with this is a handful of coloring books and some great coloring implements. Coloring is more than a kid’s activity. It has some serious meditative and stress-relieving benefits. Check out this list for more gift ideas from

Art, journals, candles, beads, and indoor plants also help those looking to focus on being mindful. Check here for more ideas.

Go high-tech with your fitness

It’s kind of hard for some people to justify spending $100 or more on a smart fitness tracker, even if they like the idea of it. That’s what the holidays are for - getting gifts that you would probably not buy yourself. Fitness trackers like the Fitbit aren’t miracle workers - you have to put in the work. But they do make fitness an ever-present part of your daily routine and can provide that little bit of motivation you need to get off the couch and get moving. Think about adding one of these top-rated trackers to your wish list.

Don’t waste the holiday gift-giving season. Make it count and turn your wish list into a blueprint for your own self-improvement.


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