Getting ready for spring

Can spring come soon enough? Here it is, two days after the official first day of spring and it's cold, with a week's worth of new snow on the ground! I long for the new buds of spring and summer - the tulip bulbs still lying dormant under the snow and hyacinth waiting to crack the surface. I'm getting ramped up now. I know that warmth is coming and my still life set-ups can be arranged in a lingering pool of sunlight in my studio with the angle of the sun moving in a more amenable pattern across my easterly-facing windows. Yes, I'm inspired! Yes, I am ready to forge forward with my paint brush in hand! I do owe some of this renewal of spirit to the two workshops I attended last weekend. Just being around other artists and talking the business of art was inspiration. Such enthusiasm and passion for our shared artistry - it's wonderful to see how eager this community is to create and share their passion.

So, perhaps I'm wrong about the winter chill. Spring has landed, creatively, figuratively, if not literally.